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James McBrien

James is the lead consultant and founder of Clearwater Advisors Ltd.  He has spent a substantial part of his career developing people, working with CEOs and middle management groups in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai and South Africa.  His strengths lie in unlocking the natural personality of his clients when they communicate in […]

Steve Adams

Steve trained as an accountant before joining IBM he worked with British Leyland as a Systems Analyst. He retired from IBM after 25 years’ service in a wide variety of marketing roles including leading the worldwide team at Shell. In 2001 Ross Perot asked Steve to take a leadership role with Perot System which led […]

Hannah Mitchell

We are delighted to welcome Hannah Mitchell to the Clearwater team. She has replaced Laura who has left to have a baby and will be responsible for managing the office and all the day to day administrative requirements. Previously Hannah was working in a busy Estate Agents office. Please contact her for any assistance. Email […]

Guy Ruddle

We are extremely happy to announce a joint venture between Clearwater Advisers and Guy Ruddle; founder of First Touch TV. Guy has a unique perspective on modern video communications, having been both a multi-award winning broadcaster and the man behind the UK’s leading online newspaper video product. Guy spent 15 years at the BBC as […]

Nick Marson

Nick is passionate about helping bankers win more business. He coaches high level listener driven, culturally specific, communication and influencing skills that give people the vital few extra percentage points that so often decide the winner of pitches. Nick works with investment banks and law firms across Europe, SE Asia and the USA. His clients include […]

James Mayhew

James specialises in communication training. This includes training for pitches and presentations, business development, negotiation, influencing key stakeholders, meeting the media and interview coaching. He has delivered courses and seminars for over 18 years across Europe and Middle East for companies, governments, institutions and business schools. After four years military service in the British Army […]

Sarah Tate

 Sarah is an organisational consultant with a background in the derivatives market.  For the past 16 years Sarah has helped organisations, in both the public and Private sectors, with complex Cultural  Transformations, integrating and enhancing the effectiveness of internal interventions such as LEAN and 6 Sigma philosophies.  Sarah is qualified to measure and evaluate both […]

James Orrell

James is an organisational consultant who helps clients reach the often hidden human dynamics that affect performance and impact the bottom line.    His focus is on helping leaders understand their roles leadership and how to align their people and structures to execute strategy in changing environments. With a broad experience of organisational development across a […]

Lou Walker

Lou Walker has been a behavioural development consultant and trainer for six years in the investment banking, construction, pharmaceutical, transport and media sectors. She spends 30 per cent of her time delivering leadership development programmes and business writing skills courses, but she is versatile and also has broad experience designing and delivering a range of […]

Sarah Fenwick

Sarah has a wide range of experience coupled with excellent business and interpersonal skills. This combined with her sporting achievements and academic qualifications gives her an excellent understanding of behavioural change from the theoretical, practical and personal experience perspectives. She delivers individual coaching and group workshops, master classes and assessment/development centres to senior management and […]

Mark Dailey

Mark is an experienced communicator, consultant and trainer. He has worked for 25 years in international media and senior, global corporate communications positions in Canada, the UK and Hong Kong. He has worked in the banking, government and telecommunications sectors and as a consultant, trainer and coach specialises in media training and helping leader’s develop […]

James McCullough

James McCullough is a highly experienced consultant with extensive expertise in coaching, training and assessment techniques. He works with individuals and teams to achieve personal growth, development and ultimately add greater value to their role.  James has extensive experience in cross-cultural management development having designed and delivered programmes around the world. He has worked with […]

Jem Thomas

Jem Thomas has extensive experience in media relations and strategic communication, having run media campaigns for the UK armed forces, NATO and the European Union, covering a wide spectrum of programmes, from democratisation to safety awareness.  He latterly served as the Chief Instructor at UK’s Defence Media Operations Centre (DMOC), responsible for media relations and […]

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