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Trade Sales/IPOs

Thank you for your help in preparing my management team for the presentations that we gave in March. They were hugely successful and I’m sure that we benefited greatly from your coachinig. Of particular use was the work around engaging with your audience, both in presenting and in the Q&A, and the tactical tips on […]

Analysis and Coaching

The training with James McBrien from Clearwater Advisors has been most helpful. The Personal Presence Analysis helped to discover some blind spots and to put more emphasis on voice style and nonverbal behavior. Relying on an easy-to-remember toolbox helped me to improve the various ways of communicating, which are an essential part of my job. […]

Pitching to Win

The pitch coaching completely changed our perceptions of how to successfully pitch. The approach is profoundly unique and makes so much sense, once you get to test it out. The coaching significantly helped us clinch a major deal with a large business – we would very strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to be […]

Individual Communication Coaching

Our Advanced Communication Skills one-on-one work has far exceeded my initial expectations of potentially improving my Executive performance. Your coaching has surfaced and explained at a conscious level many customer and management behaviours. This has equipped me with an understanding and indeed tools to achieve meeting and presentation outcomes predictable and in doing so explained […]

Advanced Communication Skills

The Advanced Communication Skills 121 sessions that I had with James have proven invaluable in my current role. The training gave me confidence in my delivery in front of large scale audiences, and an ability to tailor the content of my presentation to maximise the skills I had learned to engage. This is the best […]

Media Handling

Mark had taken the trouble to ascertain my experience and capabilities in advance, and that made for a brisk pace and a close focus on my development needs. I’ve done a lot of broadcasting already, but I still learnt things I didn’t know and came away feeling more confident. Equity Analyst, Charles Stanley The session […]

Influencing and Persuading

An incredibly helpful session that was very engaging and felt like a very valuable use of time. Well presented and encouraged people to open up and challenge perceptions Associate Director, Winmark Europe Excellent condensed version that certainly increases personal awareness and awareness of others Director, Winmark Europe The workshop was very enjoyable and challenging without […]

Conference Speaking Support

Thanks to you both, we have four worthwhile short term leads and several new relationships. Executive Director, CitiQuilter

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority” Kenneth Blanchard

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