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Developing Natural Communicators

Town Hall, Keynote & Pitch Preparation

Our team at Clearwater Advisors specialise in supporting clients in the preparation and delivery of all manner of live events:

  • IPOs/ Trade Sales/Roadshows
  • Divestments
  • Investor/Results presentations
  • Winning pitch mandates
  • Key note speeches and Town Hall/All Staff¬† Meetings
  • Product launches
  • Promotion interviews

Communication Coaching

We work in two hour sessions, typically at your premises.  Depending on the stage you are at when you engage us, typically advisory support might be 4 sessions covering:

  • Content & structure
  • Visual aids
  • Delivery coaching
  • Rehearsals and Question handling

The benefits of working with Clearwater Advisors on live events

  • Reduce presentation risks
  • Help you clarify the message
  • Save you preparation time
  • Provide you with and challenge your ideas
  • Candid feedback on style/tone
  • Raise your confidence
  • Better performance on the day
  • Rehearse and fire questions at you
  • Greater ability to influence an audience

Our aim is simple: To show you how to come across naturally in high pressure situations.

Discover how we can help you and your team.

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